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About Us


Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) is a non-sectarian, non-denominational organization serving all Christian Churches, Church Organizations and individuals by providing them with the Word of God.

Bible Society of Kenya translates the Bible in local languages to enable everyone to read and understand the word of God in the languages they understand best.

In order to realize our mission, we are committed to translation work, production, distribution and encouraging use of Holy Scriptures through our Bible Advocacy programmes. Our vision is a People transformed by use of Holy Scriptures. BSK ensures that the translation process attains the highest level of accuracy and credibility.

Get Involved

You can be part of this great commission by helping is translating the Bible into a local language in Kenya. Get involved in the following ways;

i. Pray for the work of Bible Society Kenya

ii. Support any of the ongoing literacy projects being run in Maasai, Pokot and Turkana communities

iii. Become a member of Bible Society of Kenya

iv. Donate towards availing portions of Scripture to children in marginalized areas

v. Donate towards translating a verse in the Bible for any of the ongoing projects namely; Banyala, Teso, Igikuria, Ekegusii Revision and Gikuyu Study Bible. Each verse costs approximately 10$

Contact us today; info@biblesociety-kenya.org

Our Bible

Our Work

Out of the 54 languages in Kenya, BSK has translated 21 languages and19 Bibles in print. Our Bible formats are print and audio. We distribute Bibles through Churches, Bookshops, Branches, Bible Agents, Website and Social media.

BSK has variety of Bibles in different sizes for different age groups including children, youth and adults. You are welcome to purchase a Bible in your language at Bible House located in Madaraka along Lang’ata road, or at your nearest bookshop countrywide


Contact Us

Kenyan Bible Society

Langata Road
72983 00200

Tel: 0118 950 0200
E-mail: info@biblesociety-kenya.org
Website: http://biblesociety-kenya.org