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The Sranantongo language

Sranan (also Sranan Tongo or Sranantongo “Surinamese tongue”, Surinaams, Surinamese, Suriname Creole, Taki Taki) is a creole language spoken as a lingua franca by approximately 500,000 people in Suriname.
Because the language is shared between the Dutch-, Javanese-, Hindustani-, and Chinese-speaking communities. Most Surinamese speak it as a lingua franca among both the Surinamese in Suriname, a former Dutch colony, and the immigrants of Surinamese origin in the Netherlands.

Bika Gado lobi libisma sote, tak A gi En wan enkri Manpikin fu meki tak als sma di e bribi ini En, no mus go lasi, ma fu den abi a libi fu tego.

- John 3:16

Get to know the Saramaccan people

Saramaccan (autonym: Saamáka) is a creole language spoken by about 58,000 ethnic African people near the Saramacca and upper Suriname River, as well as in the capital Paramaribo, in Suriname (formerly also known as Dutch Guiana), 25,000 in French Guiana, and 8,000 in the Netherlands.
It has three main dialects.
The speakers are mostly descendants of fugitive slaves who were native to West and Central Africa; they form a group called Saamacca, also spelled Saramaka.

About us

The Suriname Bible Society has its responsibility in serving three countries Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana by distributing the Word of God. In the three countries we may serve, part of the challenge is that we need to serve minority language groups. Because of this, translation is a very important part of our mission. Besides translation Bible distribution has also been an important part of our mission in reaching the many minority groups in Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.

More about us

The mission of the Suriname Bible Society is to provide the Holy Scriptures to every person in Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana in a language and format each can readily understand, and at a price each can easily afford. This purpose, undertaken without doctrinal note or comment.

Your prayers and support for our work are greatly appreciated.
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you can get involved with the work of the Suriname Bible Society by contributing:
– Your prayers
– Donating your money
– Sharing your talents
– Volunteer your time


Herman is 78 years old and was born in the village Saje. Herman got acquainted with the proclaimer 3 years ago. In 1997 he got an accident where he lost his sight. In 2003 he went to Cuba for special treatment for his eyes but unfortunately the doctors could not help him to get his sight back.

Because of his blindness he moved to the city where he visits the Roman Catholic Church. In this church the sermons are in the Aucan language, the language of Herman’s heart. After church he gets his proclaimer and searches for the chapters of the Bible that was preached at the sermon. Herman and also his family with other 6 neighbors are frequently listening to the proclaimer.Before he lost his sight, he did not knew Jesus. His way of living was totally against the Bible principles. Herman believes that God allowed the accident in Herman’s life and he is God thankful for His mercy.- Read more

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